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Everyone loves a great pump so we have created and added ROUGAROU to our preworkout arsenal! This product is packed with BCAAs for your body to start its recovery process before even finishing your workout!

The vasodilation matrix is where your vein bursting pump will arise from, and you will be able to tell (so will everyone else)! We have also added in a light stimulant blend just for a little boost to the beginning of your workout! ROUGAROU will seriously draw some positive attention to you, especially when it is paired with VOODOO MAJEK! We would highly recommend to advanced users to give the ROUGAROU and VOODOO MAJEK a try!

Louisiana Folklore Meaning:

“To survive the spell of the Rougarou, one must never tell. The curse of a man living his deepest nightmare of becoming a wolf creature can be broken with the taste of fresh blood on the 101st day of his affliction.”

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