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Voodoo Majek

Voodoo Majek

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Make Voodoo Majek a powerful part of your pre-workout ritual to experience supernatural performance, possessive focus, godlike pumps & otherworldly energy. It’s a balanced, all-in-one pump matrix formulated with everything you need to power through intense workouts.

  • 300mg of Caffeine
  • Balanced Energy
  • Deep, entrancing focus


Louisiana Folklore Meaning: Spells for death, curses of darkness, old traditions of sacrifice, and more are some of our historical rituals and beliefs. Do not find yourself on someone’s bad side because they can find a Witch Doctor or Voodoo Queen to put a “gris gris” (curse) on you! Louisiana Voodoo Majek is feared amongst many of folk, and no one should dare to fall victim!

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